About Us

We have ditched the old normal and embraced the future

We are passionate about people as people, and not our products, is our business. For the last 25  years we have been designing and  manufacturing signs, billboards, metal engraving and many more.  


We are a father and son team who are embracing the future, by creating products that adds value to our customers.  Combined we have more than 35 years of designing and manufacturing unique customized products.  

After more than 25 years of 2d signage we are evolving into the future.  We are now building and innovating with 3d printing and giving you ways how our products can make your life better.

We sternly believe that 3d printing has the potential to revolutionize the world as we know it. We can print anything from small engineering  parts to toys, gifts, medical equipment and many more

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